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There is undoubtedly a lot of skill, experience and knowledge required to perform a good SEO. The services as a SEO consultant Sagehive provides range from general advice about problems with websites to direct edit to the pages meta tags.

Selecting a good SEO website may come from recommendations but check out the company's own website to see how highly it ranks in the major search engines; bearing in mind that SEO is a very competitive set of keywords. If possible look beyond simple testimonials and ask for case studies. Talk to existing clients and see how their sites rank on the major engines for their target keywords. It is worth checking in search engines related forums and Google groups to see if the SEO consultant has acquired a bad reputation.

Value for Money SEO Plans

Sagehive, as SEO providers, explains the general process they will use to optimize the site. There is a fear from some SEO websites that they will be giving away trade secrets. It is reasonable that they want to protect intellectual property and business processes. However if the consultant is being engaged for a larger contract, perhaps updating the contents and structure of the whole site, it is not unreasonable to explain the plan in general terms.

Professional SEO Services Company at an Affordable cost

Seo Pack

Finally clients should remember that the aim of SEO is to improve visits and in the case of commercial sites, to increase profits. While specific rankings in search engines can not be guaranteed the SEO website should be committed to improving current rankings for relevant search results, agreed in advance with the client and to improve the number of qualified visitors to the site. Increasing traffic by bait and switch techniques such as jump pages will not result in more sales.

Seo Solution

SEO Solution Include

  • Comprehensive Research on the key word and key phrases
  • Market study on competitors' website
  • Content Optimization
  • Insertion of meta tags and keywords
  • Advance site optimization like alt tag at images, textual links etc.
  • Submission on relevant search engines.
  • Reciprocal link campaigning.
  • Comprehensive report on the search submission with search engine rank for 6 months.
  • Re-submission on every 3 month
Link Building Services

Link Building Services

  • Link Popularity Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission

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